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Looking Toward Spring: Trip Plans!

Looking Toward Spring: Trip Plans!

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Gallery, Maps | 50 comments

You didn’t think we were going to let something like a triple bypass stop us, did you? No way! We have lots more adventures ahead (just not of the medical variety, please).

Eric’s unexpected open heart surgery was a major derailment in our life journey. But we’re finding our way back to physical and emotional well being—and feeling confident enough that we’re starting to make travel plans. We’ve decided to do something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and we’re really excited.



For years, we’ve dreamed of a leisurely trip up the Oregon Coast. Although we’ve camped at many of the coastal Oregon state parks (after all, we’ve lived in southern Oregon for decades), there are stretches of the coast that we’ve never explored, particularly the northern region.

We’ve also wanted to return to some of our favorite places on the Olympic Peninsula—tide pooling at Salt Creek Recreation Area, hiking the trails at Cape Flattery and Hurricane Ridge, biking the Olympic Discovery Trail, hanging out in Port Townsend…we can hardly wait! Along with revisiting favorites, we’re looking forward to exploring places we’ve never been, like Cape Disappointment and the southwestern region of Olympic National Park.

We’ll begin our journey the first week in May, and cap off our Oregon Coast and Olympic Peninsula adventure by sailing to Lopez Island the first week of July, where we’ll once again happily spend the summer as interpretive hosts at Spencer Spit State Park.

I’m feeling an overwhelming desire to buy myself one of those t-shirts that says Life Is Good.”

If you have suggestions for places that we shouldn’t miss in our Pacific Northwest Coastal Extravaganza, please share with us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

Coquille Lighthouse, Bandon

Coquille Lighthouse, Bandon

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It Was A Very Good Year (And A Map!)

It Was A Very Good Year (And A Map!)

Posted by on Jan 16, 2017 in Gallery, Maps | 28 comments

It truly was a very good year. Despite the shock of Eric’s unexpected surgery at the beginning of December, we enjoyed another magnificent year of traveling, filled with soul-nourishing adventures.

Our wings are clipped for several months. But one of the benefits of sitting still is that I have the time now to take care of things that have long been on my to-do list—things like creating maps of our travels.

So, ta da! Here it is, a map of our 2016 adventures, beginning with our winter in Florida and ending in our hometown of Ashland, Oregon. You can enlarge the map, click on any of the icons, and access information about where we stayed. Clicking on “more details” will take you to related blog posts. (Almost all of the locations have an associated blog post; there are a few at the end of our summer that don’t yet have posts. That’s also on my to-do list, haha.)



We made a conscious effort to slow down our travels this year. It worked out well—although we didn’t anticipate just how slowed down our travels would become at the end of the year.

We stayed most places 3-7 nights, with just a few one-night stands; at the opposite extreme, we spent two-and-a-half months on Lopez Island for our summer hosting gig, and three months at the end of the year in our hometown of Ashland (that wasn’t planned, but it’s a good place to be). Our travel distances were split pretty equally, with one-third under 100 miles, one-third under 150 miles, and one-third at close to 200 miles.

A few statistics:

Total mileage for the year: 6790 (towing)

Number of places stayed: 52 (some more than once)

Shortest travel day: 20 miles (from Mt. Vernon,WA to Lopez Island)

Longest travel day: 238 miles (from Boise, ID to Joseph, OR)

Next Up: The Best Of 2016

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